Book Now, Pay Later with FunJet Vacations

You can reserve and hold the vacation of your dreams today for the low sum of $50 dollars.  Funjet’s Book Now – Pay Later is another Buy Now Pay Later type program that provides the flexibility to reserve your vacation now and pay it off in full at a later date.   So, you can apply a small deposit at the time of your reservation and not have to pay the full trip all at once.

How the Program Works

In order for your vacation package to be eligible for the program, you must plan your vacation at least two or more months prior to your travel date.  Your package price must also meet certain deposit requirements in order to qualify for the vacation payment plan.

The program allows you to plan your vacation and purchase one or more of the following:

  1. Airline Tickets
  2. Hotels
  3. Rental Cars
  4. Show Tickets
  5. Sightseeing Tours
  6. Excursions

mexicoOnce you have selected your total vacation package and have included your airfare, hotel and any other options the total vacation cost is determined.  If you trip meets the requirements at check out, you will see the “Book Now, Pay Later” option when you are in the process of checking out.   You will see this option in Step three (3) of the checkout process.

Payment Options for Book Now Pay Later

To pay your trip off in full, you have several options.  Regardless of the options you chose, with the Funjet plan, you must pay the entire vacation off in full forty-five days prior to the departure date for your trip.

As discussed prior, when you get to Step three (3) of the checkout process, you will see the amount that you will need to setup and schedule your automatic final payment.   You can pay monthly and pay off the final balance forty-five days prior to your departure date using one or more credit cards.  The system will prompt you where to put the multiple card numbers and dollar amounts being charged to each card.

Not all Trips Qualify for the Program

flying dolphinsSo, you have completed your travel plans and booked your travel at least two months in advance; however, when checking out you do not see the Pay Later option.  What gives?  Well, according to Funjet it most likely means that the discount you got when purchasing your vacation was a great deal.  So, it could be that the total cost of your airline tickets and hotel are equal to minimum deposit.  Therefore, you would not be entitled to the program.   So, you may be wondering how can that happen.  It can happen because of these three reasons:

  1. Your scheduled your trip during the midweek where hotel rates are cheaper than the weekend rates
  2. The airline flight or accommodations that you selected are on sale
  3. Due to special holidays or convention times you may be required to pay in full when booking your trip

You also have the option to pay for your trip in full when checking out or you can choose to pay in full any time prior to the forty-five day requirement.  Additionally, there are still change and cancellation penalties associated with the vacation payment plan.  So, please read the Terms and Conditions fully before signing up for the plan.  And as we always say, with any BNPLP please make sure you have the means to pay for trip prior to committing any of your money.

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