Buy Now Pay Later Programs for Musical Instruments, DJ Equipment and More

We are constantly challenging ourselves to find buy now pay later sites and companies offering their customers a variety of payment options when making a purchase from them.  Whether you are musicians looking for that Brownsville guitar and mini guitar amp or a DJ looking for those DJ speaker and DJ stand, we have found three great sites that offer deferred payment plans.

Easy as 123, American Musical Supply Offers Easy Payment Plans

girl bandOne of the main reasons we really like American Musicals Easy Payment Plan is that you do not need to apply for a special credit card to take advantage of their buy now pay later program.  This is one of the only companies we have found so far that allows you to use your own Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card to make your purchases.

American Musical Supply offers four different payment plans based on the total spend of your order.  Each one provides 0% interest with no special credit card application.  In some cases, not all purchases and brands will qualify for the special payment plan.

Here is how their 3 & 5 month Easy Pay Plan works:

  1. If your purchases total $249.00 – $995.94, you will be billed 3 equal payments (this is their 3 Easy Payment Plan).
  2. If your purchases total $995.95 – $3000, you will be billed 5 equal payments (this is their 5 Easy Payment Plan).

Here is how their 8 & 12 month Easy Pay Plan works:

8 Easy Payment Plan:

  1. Purchases must have at least 8 qualifying pay items
  2. If your purchases total $499 – $4000, you will be billed 8 equal payments (this is their 8 Easy Payment Plan).

12 Easy Payment Plan

  1. All purchases must be of qualifying items
  2. If your qualifying purchases total $999.00 – $4000, you will be billed 12 equal payments (this is their 12 Easy Payment Plan).

For all payment plans, your first payment will include any taxes, processing fees, shipping and handling.

zZounds offer Pop-up Payment Plans & Play as You Pay Plans

zZounds Pop-up Payment Plan is a deferred interest plan that offers 0% interest on select gear from: Ampeg, Blackstar, ESP, Martin, Orange, Peavey, PRS and Schecter.  You can get 12 month financing for your purchases.

Their Play as You Play plan is very similar to that of the American Musical Supply company in that you can use your own credit card and do not need to apply for a special credit card.  To qualify for the 4 payment plan, you must spend over $249 and zZounds requires that you provide the following additional information:

  1. A U.S. billing address
  2. Social Security Number
  3. Active Email address

With the 4 pay plan, you can split up to $3000 of your purchases into 4 payments.  Their 8 pay plan is available on select items and you can split up to $3000 into 8 payments.  zZounds also has a 10/12 pay plan where you can split your payments into 10/12 payments on purchases that qualify.  Orders must also be shipped to the United States to be eligible as well.

There are no interest fees on the payment plans; however, there are one time processing fees.  They are as follows:

Order Total 4-Pay Processing Fee
Less than $600 $3.95
$600 to $1,000 $5.95
More than $1,000 $9.95
Order Total All Other Payment Plans
Less than $1,000 $14.95
More than $1,000 $17.95

 Sweatwater Offers 24 Month No Interest Buy Now Pay Later Plan

Sweatwater offers a wide range of payment plans for their customers.  You can pay by cash, check, Western Union, Bill Me Later, PayPal and multiple credit cards.  They also offer a variety of buy now pay later plans and leasing plans that range from 3 months up to 24 months to pay off your balance.

Red GuitarSweatwater’s Make 3 Easy Payments Plan allows their customers to buy their instruments, mixers, mic, and other great gear.  The program allows you to purchase up to $2000 on your own credit card.  Your first payment is billed on the day you purchase your instruments or equipment.  Your next two payments are due on that same day the following month and the next month.  Included in your first month’s payment are any fees, taxes and shipping charges.

Sweatwater also offers a BNPL plan if you apply for and use their Musician’s All Access Platinum Card.  They are currently offering no interest if paid in full within 24 months on many of the products they sell.  You will have to pay a minimum monthly payment and interest will be charged starting the first day.  If you do not pay off the entire balance within the 24 months, you will be charged the full interest charges.

We here at Buy Now Pay Later Sites hope you found this information informative and what you are looking for from our website.  As always, we are looking for ideas and areas you would like for us to bring you information on BNPL plans.  Please remember not to overextend yourself on your purchases just because there may be not payments or interest for many months.

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