Buy Now Pay Later Sites: Catalog Companies Series – Part 2

In the first part of our four part series reviewing Buy Now Pay Later Catalog Companies, we identified several of the larger BNPL companies along with those catalog companies that fall within their family of Buy Now Pay Later Sites.  In part 1, we introduced you to Colony Brands, who own at least 11 companies that provide BNPL programs for their customers.

In this second installment, we will introduce you to Bluestem Brands.

Buy Now Pay Later Catalog Company – Bluestem Brands Inc.

Bluestem Brands Inc. is located in Minneapolis and is the parent company of two major online catalog companies and a paycheck pay company.  On the companies About Us page, they say “We are a retailer that offers great national brand merchandise with unique payment options to a wide range of customers.  That provides a unique and better shopping experience for our customers.”

Fingerhut ( – began in 1948 as a mail order company that sold seat covers for cars.  They mail over a million catalogs per year and provide goods to millions of customers per year.   Finger hut is a key Buy Now Pay Later site that sells goods in the following areas: bed & bath, kitchen, furniture, sporting goods, toys, baby, electronics, home, apparel, shoes, jewelry, health and beauty.

shoppingFingerhut’s program is called Fingerhut FreshStart.  To use Fingerhut’s BNPL plan, you need to apply for the Freshstart Credit account.  This program is an installment program and while you are not issued a credit card, you are given a credit account to make purchases.    To start the program, simply make a onetime purchase that is greater than $50 and below your credit limit.

Once you make your purchase, you will need to make a $30 down payment.  If you cannot make the $30 payment when you make your purchase you have the option to schedule your payment at a later date.  Your purchase will not ship until make your down payment.

After you $30 down payment, you will then need to pay 6 or 8 low monthly payments on your loan.  We have provided a sample payment table for purchases of $50 and $100 below. Their annual percentage rate for the installment loan agreement is 24.9%.  Fingerhut also charges a late payment fee of $4.90 for balances that are between $15 – $50 and if your balance is greater than $50 they charge $14.90.  Any returned payments and you will be charged $25.

If you make your monthly payments on time and pay off your balance on time and in full you will be eligible to get a WebBank Fingerhut Credit Account with a bigger credit line.  If you pay your entire balance at the same time you do you down payment, you will cancel you loan and may not be eligible to be considered for a WebBank Fingerhut Credit Account.

Fingerhut Installment Loan Example Chart:

Cash Price$50$100
Down Payment$30$30
Finance Charge$1.48$5.18
Terms of Repayment6 monthly payments of $3.586 monthly payments of $12.53

Gettington ( – was started in 2009 and is geared more towards the female shopper offering contemporary and national brand shopping.  Their site and buy now pay later catalog offer free shipping everyday promotions, goodie bags, sales and the flexibility to pay for your purchases with multiple payment options such as buy now, pay later.  Their website and catalogs offer goods in areas such as kitchen, furniture, home, toys, baby, sport electronics, bed & bath, jewelry & watches, shoe & fashion as well as health and beauty.

Gettington’s program is called Gettington Credit.  You can apply for their revolving credit program on their website.  The program offers two BNPL programs.  The first is the “Fast Option” and it provides you with a quicker payoff and lower payments.  Your account will be paid off in four payments.  The APR for this payment option is 14.90%.  With a lower APR and payoff period, this can save you finance charges.

women shoppingThe second payment option is their “Easy Option” and it allows you more flexibility in that you can spread your payments over a 24 month period if you like.  You can also take less time if you like!  The APR for this payment option is 19.90%.  The monthly payments would be $20 or 5.5% of the Easy Option balance (whichever one if greater).  There is no annual fee for their credit card and the credit card is issued by WebBank.

Gettington provides the following credit card comparison so that their customers are educated on the various credit card options.

Gettington Comparison Chart:

Gettington's Fast OptionGettington's Easy OptionAmazon Platinum Rewards Visa by ChaseJCPenny Store Card
Annual FeeNoneNone NoneNone
Annual Percentage Rate14.90%Variable19.90%Variable19.24% - 22.24% Variable26.99%
Grace PeriodAt least 24 daysAt least 24 daysAt least 21 daysAt least 23 days
Default APRNoneNone29.99% None
Max. Late Payment Fee$35.00$35.00$35.00$35.00
Min. Interest Charge$0.50$0.50None$2.00

These two companies are one of the many buy now pay later stores and sites that offer their customers a variety of goods and services along with several ways to pay.  While Bluestem Brands Inc. may not have as many companies as did Colony Brands, they did manage to generate nearly $1 billion in annual sales.  Not bad…

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