Buy Now Pay Later Sites: Catalog Companies

There is a great deal of buy now pay later sites that also offer catalogs as a shopping alternative.   There are many companies willing to help those customers who do not have credit cards or may have bad credit.

These online shopping sites and buy now pay later catalogs provide many choices for those consumers who may have no credit, bad credit or who many not have a credit card.  Some of the choices that online shopping consumers have when using a buy now pay later catalog are:


  1. Furniture
  2. Household Goods
  3. Furniture (living rooms; bedrooms; dining rooms etc.)
  4. Clothes
  5. Shoes
  6. Jewelry
  7. Pet Items
  8. Lighting
  9. Rugs
  10. Patio & Garden

How Do These Companies Work

In many cases they work as follows:

  • Customer receives a pre-approved balance to use for items in their catalogs.
  • If the customer pays on-time, their approved limit may be increased to a higher limit.
  • If the customer pays of their balance regularly, they can start to repair their credit.

 Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs Companies

dining tableThe Montgomery Ward company has been in business for over one-hundred and forty years (140 years). Their first catalog containing one-hundred and sixty three pages (163 pages) was started in 1872 by the company’s founder Aaron Montgomery Ward.  This mail order company grew over the years due to its service and large assortment of items offered to its customers.  In 1904, the company mailed more than three million catalogs to its customers.


Montgomery Ward offers the following items:

  1. Bed & Bath
  2. Furniture
  3. Home Goods
  4. Electronics
  5. Health & Beauty
  6. Outdoor
  7. Gifts & Toys
  8. Jewelry
  9. Women’s clothes, shoes & accessories
  10. Men’s clothes, shoes & accessories

Here is how the Montgomery Ward buy now pay later credit works:

  • Select the items you want to buy and then checkout
  • Give them your shipping address and name
  • Chose the Create Montgomery Ward Credit Account
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Then submit your order

Seventh Avenue Site Offers BNPL

ringsAnother buy now pay later site that also has a BNPL catalog is Seventh Avenue.  Seventh Avenue was started in 1983 and sold unique holiday collectibles  As the demand and needs of their customers changed, so did the product and offerings of the company. Today, Seventh Avenue offers a vast number of unique and hard to find items.



Seventh Avenue offers the following items:

  1. Bed & Bath
  2. Furniture
  3. Home Store
  4. Electronics
  5. Outdoor
  6. Jewelry
  7. Women’s clothes, shoes & accessories
  8. Men’s clothes, shoes & accessories
  9. Health & Beauty
  10. Gifts & Toys

Seventh Avenue offers a Choose-N-Charge credit plan that works as follows:

  • Offer a no do payment option for buy now and pay later
  • Can be used for catalogs and or online
  • As you build your credit with Seventh Avenue you can earn higher credit limits

The process to open an account with Seventh Avenue is very similar to that of Montgomery Wards.  To open an account:

  1. Find what you want to buy and check out
  2. Give them your name and shipping address
  3. Chose open a new Choose-n-charge account for your payment method
  4. Then submit your order

Swiss Colony provides convenience of Choose-N-Charge option

Swiss Colony is on of America’s largest handcrafted bakeries and had been family owned since 1926.  On their website, you can shop for items such as:

  1. Bakery
  2. Candies & Chocolates
  3. Cheese & Meats
  4. Nuts & Snacks
  5. Gift Baskets & Assortments
  6. Sugar Free
  7. Gluten Free

They also offer the ability to shop by occasions as well.  They offer:

  • Birthday
  • Breakfast
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

With the Swiss Colony Chose-N-Charge option, you can pay as little as $15 a month for your purchases of their great products.  The way the program works is that you must pay the full minimum amount each month before the due date that appears on your monthly statement.

In order to get the benefits of the program, you must select the Choose-N-Charge option on checkout and accept the Terms and Conditions.  Once you do that, simply select the “submit your order” button.  Your order will be processed once you have been approved for the credit option.

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