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There are a large number of Buy Now Pay Later Stores on the internet that provide several different payment options for consumers. These sites provide their customers with payment options such as Bill Me Later, No Payments or Interests and Choose & Charge to name just a few.  Whichever you select the idea is the same, you buy an item today and pay for it sometime in the future.

Pain RemovedTo help ease your pain to have to search across hundreds of pages of sites that offer BNPL payment options, we have developed a list of those retailers who offer the option.  There is no way to list every Buy Now Pay Later Websites; however, this article will help with your search.

Stores & Sites Offering Choose & Charge Programs

The Choose and Charge payment option is not offered as much as the BNPL option; however, there are a few stores and sites that offer the payment option across many different shopping needs.

Bed & BathClothingComputers & ElectronicsFood
Seventh AvenueSeventh AvenueSeventh AvenueSeventh Avenue
Midnight VelvetMidnight Velvet
The Tender Filet
Swiss Colony
FurnatureHealth & BeautyJewleryOutdoorShoesSport / Toys
Seventh AvenueSeventh AvenueSeventh AvenueSeventh Avenue
Midnight VelvetMidnight VelvetMidnight VelvetMidnight Velvet

Buy Now Pay Later Stores & Websites

There are a lot more BNPL stores and websites that offer this payment option.  You can choose to purchase items from across a wide variety of shopping categories to meet your individual needs.  The following chart helps you to understand which stores and website offer the payment as an option.

AppliancesBed & BathClothingComputers & ElectronicsFood
Gallery HomestoreGallery Homestore
AJ Madison
Swiss Colony
FurnatureHealth & BeautyJewleryOutdoorShoesSport / Toys

Tips For Using A Deferred Payment Billing Option

Regardless of which deferred payment option you choose, please make sure that you take into account your financial circumstances and live within your means.  It is very easy to outspend your income and therefore start the debt cycle that can ruin you financially.

The deferred payment options work very similarly, so whether you chose a store or site that offers:

  1. Bill Me Later
  2. Choose & Charge
  3. Buy Now Pay Later
  4. Flexpay
  5. Buy Now Get Now

you are basically buying something today that you will pay for in the future.  In some cases, you will need to apply for the stores or websites credit card to be eligible

If you are approved you may be able to extend your payments out for six months. However, you will be accruing interest during that time and will be charged the entire interest if you do not pay off your balance in the six month period.

Credit CardWith some credit cards, you may even be charged the interest is you miss the minimum monthly payment.  Please make sure to read the fine print when applying as each company’s policies and offers may be different.  Interest charges can be very high for these offers sometimes over 20%, so again please only buy what you can afford.

If you select the BML option on checkout, you can take advantage of the special offers that may be available during checkout.  There are offers such as special 6 month financing when you buy something that is over $99.

The BML program works very much like the credit card option mentioned above.  If you do not make your payments within the allotted time, you will be charged all the interest (which is 19.99%) that has accrued over the offer period.  You may also be charged a late fee of up to $25 the first time you are late with a payment and up to $35 each time after.

With HSN FlexPay option, you buy now and make your payments over time.  There are not fees and they do not charge you any interest and payments are divided in equal payments.  The FlexPay option is not available on all of HSN items; however, there is a large variety across all of the departments we highlighted in our charts above.


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