Video’s Explaining How Buy Now Pay Later Programs & Credit Reports Work

There are a lot of videos on the internet that discuss the various buy now pay later programs that are avaiable for consumers.  Many are news reports,

In this video from Fox 4 in Kansas City, their financial expert Kathy Stepp explains how these programs work.  Kathy provides details on how in many cases the programs build the interest into the program.  Kathy suggests that you shop around first to get the best deal before buying the item.  If you get the best price and then go into a buy now pay later program you can get the best deal.

Kathy reminds the audience in the video that these programs are essentially the customer applying for a credit card.  After you finish paying off your purchases, you will be left with a credit card.  The big issue with these programs are the sky high interest that you are charged.  If you do not pay off the balance and payments on time you will be hit with interest charge.  Kathy shows the viewers an example of a person buying a $2000 TV.  If you were to miss the payment payoff, you would be hit with a $250 interest charge – ouch!

In this local 6 news report from Click they show you how to book a cruise vacation and pay later.  Customer’s can use Cruise One to book their cruises without putting a deposit; therefore, allowing you to book and hold your cruise without any payment.  You will need to pay the cruise in full before you take your trip.

In this video from KABC-TV in Los Angeles California, they discuss how buy now pay later offers can sound really great; however, if not done correctly can leave you with major interest charges..  They interview a person who bought a big screen TV from Best Buy and was hit with $1,300 in interest when his three year promotion was over.  The report tells you that the Consumer Report tells you to read the fine print and make all of your payments on time; otherwise you will pay dearly.

In this video from the folks at PayPal, you will learn what is PayPal’s Bill Me Later program and how it works.  This is  a services that allows you as a customer to get six months of financing for your purchases that are over $99.  When you see that Bill Me Later logo or banner on a website, you will know that the site offers this service to you at checkout.

In this video, offers their solution for BNPL to meet your shopping needs.

In this video from KCAL 9 in Los Angeles California, they report on how to fix mistakes in your credit report.  They cover a news event where a women from Oregon won $18 million dollars from one of the large credit bureaus.   The credit bureau failed to fix major issues on her report.  KCAL speaks with Louis Barajs who wrote the book “My Street Money”.

Louis talks about a federal trade commission study where 1000 people pulled up their three credit reports and found that 21% of those who checked had an issue on their report.  You can get a free credit report by going to  This is a free report and be careful not to go to another site where they ask you to pay for the report.

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